bold choices

 shirt: ecote -- urban outfitters, skirt: vintage from mom

I have never, ever mixed prints before. But after contemplating and second guessing for some time I finally decided to give it a go-- on a day I would have minimal public encounters, of course. Sometimes on campus, I feel like I am surrounded by people dressed in sweats and athletic apparel-- and feel rather silly and overdressed. Or on the other hand there are bunches of girls who basically are dressed identically. But then these thoughts fly out the window when I am inspired by what some of the people I encounter are wearing (usually North campus--aka the humanities/artsy people.) I guess it truly depends on the day. Overall, today was pretty lax for me, I cleaned my room, freshened up my nails, and studied at the library. I think I may do a mixing prints inspiration post of some sorts-- so look forward to that!

 aldo netz 
wedge sneakers-- another bold choice!

 hair post being braided for 36+ hrs

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