back in black

vest + eagle shirt: zara, shorts: j brand

Haven't been on the blogosphere for a few days, hence the appropriate title of the blog post. It was oddly cold and foggy this morning... but as per the usual LA weather an hour later the sun was out. Don't have my usual ramblings, except for sending out all my best wishes to those affected by Sandy!! I know plenty of my family and friends don't have power and probably won't receive it for around a week. In addition, it's so sad what's happened to the Jersey shore :(:( On a brighter note...happy halloween!! This is actually the second consecutive year that Halloween has been "rescheduled" in my hometown.  

my bag kept unbuttoning the shoulder thing
 umm did not really understand these stairs?? 

p.s check out this pic I tweeted that my brother texted me. This is my backyard back in Jersey... take into account the fact that he is around 5' 7"ish. 

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