back in black

vest + eagle shirt: zara, shorts: j brand

Haven't been on the blogosphere for a few days, hence the appropriate title of the blog post. It was oddly cold and foggy this morning... but as per the usual LA weather an hour later the sun was out. Don't have my usual ramblings, except for sending out all my best wishes to those affected by Sandy!! I know plenty of my family and friends don't have power and probably won't receive it for around a week. In addition, it's so sad what's happened to the Jersey shore :(:( On a brighter note...happy halloween!! This is actually the second consecutive year that Halloween has been "rescheduled" in my hometown.  

my bag kept unbuttoning the shoulder thing
 umm did not really understand these stairs?? 

p.s check out this pic I tweeted that my brother texted me. This is my backyard back in Jersey... take into account the fact that he is around 5' 7"ish. 


 jeans: ag, shoes: jessica simpson, sweater top: green envelope

A super super chill weekend outfit. Spent most of the day inside since it was super hot during the daytime-- basically 90! But I made it to the beach right before the sunset. There was a serious influx of people in the 15 minutes of the sunset, then they magically dispersed. I'm glad I threw on jeans since I was cold by the time I got back to my dorm. Although I think skirts/dresses are more comfortable and laid back feeeeling, I think jeans represent that sort of lax look better. I bought these super cheap way back when during spring break at the bloomingdale's 59th st store, and haven't worn them till now. I have a tendency to do that... buy things, forget about them...

 oh you know, just chilling on a stump with my super limp/ poorly parted hair

 pre sunset


 post sunset

fresh nails in essie: school of hard rocks

what do you mean it's fall?

 skirt: nordstrom BP, sleeveless button down: american apparel, cardigan: ck jeans, bag: cambridge satchel, 

Exams for the week are over as of last night! As a celebratory gesture for my freedom, I underwent some retail therapy. I also grabbed some boba from urth caffe and visited my favorite cupcake spot-- Sprinkles! Mmm didn't really know what to wear this morning, even though for once I actually had time to think about it. Threw this on since it was one of my go to outfits last year. I have a tendency to become really obsessed with a certain type of item/ look, and then eventually get bored of it. Last year, it was maxis. I'm really pooped so this is the end. PS the intense lighting is straight from the original shot, no editing the craziness in (in fact I unsuccessfully tried toning it down)

 where the magic happens

Their candy corn ice cream is AMAZING. I could eat it all day long. Literally.

the 1980s called...

they want their foreign policy clothes back
 zinger courtesy of Mr. President

crop top: free people, skirt: vintage from ma mere, booties: h&m

Black and white with a splash of floral. An outfit that took little to no time to throw on in this morning, but looks like I tried. What more could a girl ask for? This skirt is my mom's from I believe the 80s, when she first moved to America. I am wary of wearing skirts of this length due to my short stature, but I think booties really make it okay. It's funny how shoes can have that effect. If I had worn flats, I think the outfit would have had a whole other tone to it (one I don't think I would have liked.) Excuse the exposed mid-riff, but without it I think I would have looked too matronly. Also, can I just say how PERFECT the weather in LA was today. I know I've been complaining about it a lot, but today was like a walk in paradise. Around 70, with a not too strong breeze, sunny, cloudless skies-- just what fall should be. Now back to procrastinating studying, yay!!

wonderful bags underneath my eyes are still present...
Morning snack // Afternoon snack-- Pumpkin spice latte #thankyouautumn 

OMG! A picture NOT taken in my dorm room?!

Okay so I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift but this is seriously my newest jam-- off her album Red. It's called "I Knew You Were Trouble." It has some of those electric or whatever you want to call it vibes, and I'm a big fan. Let's just say it's on repeat at the moment.

denim denim denim

open sweater cardigan: gap, chambray shirt: forever 21, jeans: seven for all mankind

Welcome to day 1 of midterm hell week! Apologies for the same sort of photos for the past few posts, I haven't been leaving my room much except to get food or attend class. Back to wearing things that I used to hate, but am now welcoming with open arms-- this time, denim on denim. I mean...I'm still horrified by the infamous look by power 90s couple Britney & Justin (that will never be okay, ever.) If you don't know what I'm referring to (shame on you)... witness the magic.

 I promise my shirt wasn't wrinkly until I came back from class and crawled back into bed.

 I seem to have become reacquainted with my love of b&w photos. Look at those beautiful bags underneath my eyes! #collegeproblems

painted my nails various shades of pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month ++ a sticker on my phone 

TITLE INSPIRED BY THIS AWESOME AD. Sorry for the caps lock, but I had to properly convey my enthusiasm. This commercial is just so catchy. It came to a point this summer where my friend and I would be listening to it on repeat in the car while on the way to get some Denville dairy (aka the best ice cream ever.)

a study in b&w

 dress + jacket + tights: urban outfitters

Bassiiccalllly, I am not ready for round 1 of midterms. Oh well, just gotta take it one step at a time. On a more relevant note, ways to toughen up a peter pan collar polka dotted dress? Add a denim + (faux) leather jacket & ripped tights! Make your photos grainy + b&w + some extra light overlay and you'll feel like a total vintage badass... even though your entire outfit is from urban outfitters. Speaking of my outfit, I need to get my hands on a new pair(s) of tights, one without holes.

I was going to post this last weekend when I painted my nails with this magnetic nail polish I got from urban..but kind of forgot about it. I wasn't sure they would work since I got them on sale for $1 each (so I obviously had to buy all 3 colors), but to my surprise they did! I can't say I am a big fan of the look though, what do you think?


P.s I am a bit swamped at the time but I promise to respond to all comments ASAP :)

you better layer up, *sshole

t-shirt: gap men's, cardigan: madewell, shorts: current/elliot, tights: urban outfitters
1) start with a cardigan + t

Fall has FINALLY hit LA!! And I could not be happier. Fall time means time to layer up!! It's funny how not so long ago I abhorred shorts with tights-- especially black tights with denim shorts. It would make me cringe. Now, look at me, sporting the look myself! My baseball cap obsession has reared it's (capped) head again-- providing some color to my otherwise b&w outfit :) Along with this new vest I bought at Zara that I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with. It's large and has leather and zips and pockets, and I am in love. Just cause it doesn't get that cold, doesn't mean I have to miss out on all outerwear. Basically, I'll definitely be wearing this vest a lot. 

vest: zara 
 2) add a vest

younger brother's old school cap
 2) or a cap

 3) or both-- yum cap?

 throw it on backwards



coffee break

 dress: urban renewal-- urban outfitters, sweatshirt top: free people, boots: asos

It was sooo humid this afternoon, yet refreshingly chilly. I probably should have put some more leave in conditioner into my hair... oh well. I dug this dress out of my closet this summer, and I'm pretty sure it is the first time I have worn it since the 11th grade. I added a belt and tucked this jersey top into it. Hurrah for bringing back old pieces! Alsoooo, is there a self help site or something with people who don't know what to do with their faces in photos? I am the queen of awkwardness.

Oh, you know, sitting on the steps outside the library, dreading going in & studying

Now off to watch Elementary!! (I have an obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Cause he's the coolest.)
XX Mili

black bra white shirt

 skirt: madewell, top: urban outfitters, sneakers: converse

Shopping the week before midterms. Converse breaking. Fuzzy hairs. Hot autumn days. Cute puppies. Farmers' markets.

 the best strawberries are found at farmers' markets

 cool table

this baby was my favorite-- he was pensively looking through the window 

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