hello, LA

It feels good yet weird to be back.

 up in the air

 black and white

 wedge sneakers
 From up in the air

 How cool is this braid?! If only I could do it on myself

Dressed in school colors as a move in assistant #bruinswag

Casual selfie


Dunkin at the terminal at EWR

Last look at Jersey

Again up in the air

Until next time :)

Last look

Officially back in LA for school, which is bittersweet. Oh well, I tried spending as much time off of the computer for my last two weeks of home. Here are some snapshots :)

 cousins + my brother in central park

 Kati roll + mango snapple = so Indian

 SHAKE SHACK in Madison Square Park

 The view from my friend's dorm/ penthouse apartment

The park

 I believe in Gramercy?

Room service calamari

Lip couch @ Room Service 

 Night lights

Random cool looking building

 friend during FNO

 Her view... again

Cousin + brother

red violet blue

One last pic of her view

Now to focus on school...

ordinary people

skirt: urban outfitters, sneakers: converse, top: forever 21

Let's just say that climbing rocks in a maxi was not one of my brightest ideas...at least I was sporting my trusty chucks. Spent some time with the family walking around the park and then did solo some shopping on 5th while they went all touristy and crazy in Times Square (ew). Oh the multitude of people you see in the city-- I love it! Including the creepy guy who was scowling and murmuring scary things to me. Some pics of people I encountered while in the park below  :)

It's a miracle I didn't fall once

 Wedding party who were having their picture taken// painted

He was super talented with some smooth jazz! Definitely worth donating too

Song that inspired the post title :)
Ordinary People-- John Legend


Some instragram shots (from my account: @comealong_pond) below the break to accompany my previous two posts in NYC and Liberty Walk plus some more recent NYC pics from today :)

Pinkberry!! <3

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