Liberty Walk

 Saying that I'm obsessed with the way that city lights and a skyline look is an understatement. It's funny cause when I was a kid I ABHORRED going into NYC-- seeing it as a grungy, dirty, over populated gross fest. But by the time I was looking at colleges, living in a metropolitan, urban center was one of my pinpoints! Anyhoww, today I went to the Jersey side of the Hudson with the parentals. 

Their lack of savviness with technology = them being unsuccessful human tripods :( even with my bossy ever so helpful tips
my awkwardness behind the lens (...or really in life) 
the increasingly little amount of natural light
= tough, blogging times 

denim jacket: zara, dress: h&m, flats: gap

I used to be OBSESSED with this dress, and finally pulled it out after not wearing it for a year!

Supps awkward

The city in the distance while on the highway


 Lady Liberty// Ellis Island

Liberty Walk

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