Liberty Walk

 Saying that I'm obsessed with the way that city lights and a skyline look is an understatement. It's funny cause when I was a kid I ABHORRED going into NYC-- seeing it as a grungy, dirty, over populated gross fest. But by the time I was looking at colleges, living in a metropolitan, urban center was one of my pinpoints! Anyhoww, today I went to the Jersey side of the Hudson with the parentals. 

Their lack of savviness with technology = them being unsuccessful human tripods :( even with my bossy ever so helpful tips
my awkwardness behind the lens (...or really in life) 
the increasingly little amount of natural light
= tough, blogging times 

denim jacket: zara, dress: h&m, flats: gap

downtown adventures

dress: free people shanghai shift, cardigan: urban outfitters,  bag: longchamp le pliage, sunglasses: ray ban aviator

The other day I went further down(town) then I've ever been before....dun dun dun. But actually it was quite nice. I went with some of my family and casually walked around battery park, some Irish memorial, & ground zero before heading to midtown. For once everyone else bought something while I left the city empty handed :O! Probably cause I'm not crazyyy about midtown. Check out more pictures below the break :)

boots: forever 21

I decided to break in these new boots which surprisingly were not uncomfortable! They also looked more distressed as the day went on-- cheap find: success

Mid twirl?? I'm not sure what I'm doing, I just told my 10 year old cousin to stand in place and snap snap snap!

homemade oreo zeppoles

Oreos are delicious as is...but oreo zeppoles??? AMAZING! Whether it be at the Jersey shore or at an upscale Italian restaurant in NYC (hello Lavo), oreo zeppoles, or rather fried oreos, are heavenly. Last week, my friend and I decided to make some at home! Recipe + more pics under the break :)

Finished product! They don't look as picture perfect as the professionals' but they were still scrumptious :) 
Served with a vanilla milkshake for dipping, obviously

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